• American Real Estate: An Overview

    For many Americans, purchasing real estate has been a subject of interest on the news lately. Some people are confused about market conditions at the moment. Owing to the much publicized failure and collapse of several large financial institutions in recent years, the real estate market may have given the impression of instability. When adopting a long term view of the situation however, things start to appear in a different perspective. This should in fact be an opportune time for the astute investor to enter the housing market.

    In the long run there is the potential to make money in any kind of housing market. Keep in mind that the housing market is not only influenced by the banks and financial institutions, but also regional conditions. Factors such as local economy, varying levels of foreclosures and government stimulus action tend to play a large part in determining whether or not it is a good time for you to buy. Assess your own unique situation while trying to avoid the usual media hype. There are numerous ways you can invest money in real estate.

    Buying your first home can give you a great deal of satisfaction. Now if you are currently renting, it would make more sense to be putting that rent money towards a mortgage, as you are then effectively paying for your own investment. Some thought should be given though as to whether this will be the best option for your particular circumstances. Mortgage repayments can potentially be quite high. If you can’t afford to make the payments through good times and bad on your current or projected level of income, then it may not be the time for buying your dream home just yet. The tragic level of recent foreclosures have demonstrated to all of us this unfortunate lesson. You may also wish to investigate other alternatives to traditional financing. Do some research on seller financing, the various lease-to-own options, and loan assumption.

    Familiarise yourself with the real estate process before you even begin looking at properties. If you have never bought a house in America then you might be surprised at just how much the process entails: there is the loan pre-qualification, working with an estate agent, loan documentation, downpayments and closing costs, a set of negotiations, escrow arrangements and once all of that is done – the final move. The final important step is in choosing the right real estate agent. One of the safest ways to find an agent is to ask family, friends and colleagues. Ask them what they liked, and didn’t like, about agents they have used. The choice you make here can make the difference not only in your overall buying experience, but also bare in mind the wrong agent can unnecessarily waste a lot of your money. As your agent, their purpose is to look out for your best interests as the client, and to guide you through the buying process from start to finish.

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